About Us

RNA Advisors brings together the unique blend of specialization that drives success in life sciences, healthcare and technology-centric transactions. Top industry specialists, deep capital market experience and a broad understanding of the market come together to work side by side with your team.

Senior Team

Sam Renwick
Sam Renwick is founding principal at RNA Capital Advisors and leads the firm’s life sciences...
Kayvon Namvar
Mr. Namvar brings years of experience to the firm providing forecasting, valuation, opinion...
Jeffrey Suchocki
Vice President
Jeffrey Suchocki is Vice President at RNA Advisors with nearly 20 years of experience in...
Jeff Williamson
Jeff Williamson has joined the RNA Advisors growing healthcare practice as Director...

Advisor Team

Scott Solomon
Mr. Solomon has served as the Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel for a number of firms...
John Tanner
Mr. Tanner has over 20 years of experience in management consulting at top-tier strategy...