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The combination of scientific advances, digital innovations, and novel business models has created opportunities for players across the life sciences market landscape. However, this rapidly changing and increasingly competitive environment has also led to uncertain market access conditions, continued pricing pressure, and disruption from nontraditional market entrants. More than ever, these trends highlight the importance of thinking strategically about where to deploy resources, both for investing in current businesses as well as exploring new pathways for growth.

RNA Advisors can help biopharma companies develop strategies to adapt and win in an evolving global healthcare market. Our team has deep experience in developing valuations and forecasts across a wide variety of therapeutic areas and a number of different stakeholders across the life sciences ecosystem.

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Medical device and diagnostic products are vital to a successful healthcare system. However, bringing new devices and diagnostics to market is a long, capital-intensive, and highly-regulated process. RNA understands the financial and strategic needs of companies looking to bring new therapies to market.

Through our years of experience, we have seen that health care providers often have a variety of preferred clinical approaches, with different abilities and willingness to pay for innovation. Having a detailed understanding of the range of current clinical workflows and how your device aligns with – and impacts – the current clinical picture is critical in developing a successful go-to-market strategy.

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Healthcare organizations across the value chain continue to face an ever-changing landscape affected by an aging population, regulatory oversight, increased integration across sites of care, provider/payer consolidation, and a higher degree of data availability and consumer engagement than ever before. In addition, the move towards ACOs and other value-based care models has increased the level of complexity within the industry as provider groups consolidate, managed care organizations acquire providers, and health systems roll out their own health plans. RNA Advisors can help innovative healthcare services companies to navigate through these challenges by developing business solutions that reduce costs, improve quality and outcomes, and enhance patient satisfaction.

Our senior team brings a wealth of hands-on experience across the healthcare continuum that delivers actionable insights based on rigorous analysis.

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Healthcare IT and technology-enabled services are playing an important role in leveraging broader digital innovations to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes for patients. Given the seemingly endless number of applications across the care continuum, the digital health landscape encompasses a wide range stakeholders, including health systems, physician offices, health plans, medical device companies, and biopharma manufacturers. RNA Advisors has experience in helping each of these constituents navigate through the uncertainties, establish strong positions ahead of emerging trends, and successfully execute strategic growth initiatives.

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The broad conversion around technology and innovation is continuing to evolve rapidly; technology firms face challenges in navigating through the digital revolution. New digital payment methods, ever-widening security concerns, and a proliferation of new market entrants challenge today’s technology companies to adapt existing business models as well as to develop new ones. RNA Advisors has worked with clients in all areas of technology, serving corporate clients and private equity firms by combining our commercial knowledge and transaction support experience to develop insights that help technology companies remain competitive.

Our experience covers a range of technology segments, including enterprise software, mobile apps, hardware, semiconductors, AI / machine learning, 3D printing, and others. Having worked extensively across these areas leaves us well-positioned to see and anticipate key trends driving the industry; we leverage these experiences by helping clients with growth strategy development, transaction support, and opportunity identification for investors considering investments in the technology space.