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RNA Proudly Welcomes Jeff Suchocki

Jeff Suchocki has joined RNA Capital Advisors’ growing healthcare practice as Vice President. Mr. Suchocki will focus on providing a greater variety of services to our healthcare, life science, technology and capital market clients, including forecasting, simulation, advanced modeling, tax and financial reporting valuation opinions, fairness, solvency and other financial opinions, and transaction support services.

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Life Sciences

Valuation Matters – Early Stage Life Sciences

Value is ultimately what parties agree to. Sometimes this seems rational, other times irrational. The reality is that value often results from the ability or inability to create an effective bidding process and to persuade/anchor a strategic counterparty toward your perspective. Negotiating leverage and personalities are just as important in deal negotiation as market potential

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Change the world

Adaptive Valuation

In finance, theories about the efficiency of markets have been both extraordinarily elegant and disastrously wrong on many occasions. These so-called efficient markets concepts have brought about interesting tools like the Capital Asset Pricing Model and Black-Scholes or Cox-Ross-Rubinstein binomial lattice models as tools for understanding how to assess a company’s cost of capital or

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Derivatives Valuation for pre-IPO Biotechnology Company

THE PROBLEM: A development stage biotechnology company (considering an IPO in the near future) entered into a series of financings which required the valuation of components of the financings deemed to be a derivative for financial reporting purposes. THE SOLUTION: RNA worked with the company and their Big 4 auditor to develop a Monte Carlo

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Commercial Assessment for Crossover Investor-Funded Private Biotech

THE PROBLEM: Novel technology platform could be used across a wide range of rare diseases, so executive team and board want an independent, evidence-based view of commercial opportunity to complement the scientific analysis. THE SOLUTION: Interviews with KOL physician-scientists to understand unmet need and applicability of technology to targets, detailed pipeline analysis, market modeling and

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