Through our financial advisory practice, we help our clients with transaction support services that allow executives and investors to prepare for and respond quickly to the rigors of significant capital decisions in order to reach favorable outcomes. We recognize that it is quite important to match the narrative and the numbers when negotiating with investors, acquirers or licensing partners.

Our work is tailored to withstand, and even thrive under, the scrutiny that comes along with major capital decisions.

We have helped over 100 companies and funds prepare for and maneuver through transactions ranging from early stage to late stage financings, single and multi-asset licensing arrangements, IPOs, and acquisitions.

Our team has worked on transactions ranging in size from $10 million-dollar financings up to multi-billion-dollar licensing and acquisition deals.

How We Help:

  • Prepare a blueprint assessment to identify key issues for research and model development to ensure a credible portrayal of value proposition
  • Conduct commercial, scientific, financial and market assessments required to understand and influence the narrative for the transaction
  • Develop simple to advanced forecasting and financial models that map the numbers to the narrative
  • Provide real-time modeling and research support throughout the negotiation process
  • Propose and assess transaction structuring alternatives
  • Present and defend our findings to stakeholders and counterparties

You can think of our team as responsive and seasoned outsourced business and corporate development support for your transaction. Contact us to arrange a no-obligation consultation with one of our senior consultants