Valuation Advisory

Valuation is both art and science topped with a bit of psychology. A competent valuation professional will understand the specific tools associated with each area. Our firm focuses on life science, healthcare and technology companies because it’s important to not only know how the models work (science), but also what the “story” is behind the business or product (art), and who the players are that actually care (psychology).

We leverage all areas of our business from the strategy and transaction side to render valuation opinions that make sense to the players in the market. Our team has completed 1,000’s of opinions to support transactions, tax and financial reporting requirements and litigation support. We take pride in knowing that valuation is not simply a mathematical exercise as some would like for you to believe.

Why? Because it’s simply not true and those that tell you otherwise don’t get involved in the messiness of real transactions.

Of course, our team’s strong analytical background plays a big part in our ability to produce and defend valuations even in very complex situations.

We Develop Valuations for:

  • Financing, M&A, and licensing transactions
  • Internal capital budgeting and decision support
  • Complex securities and derivatives
  • Company tax and financial reporting
  • Fund tax and financial reporting
  • Expert witness testimony and support
Contact us to discuss your valuation needs. We will provide an honest and transparent assessment of our experience and ability to assist.