Who We Serve

Companies innovating at the intersection of healthcare and technology require significant capital investment and expertise to make bold moves that improve health outcomes and generate meaningful value creation. We honor that spirit by providing executives and investors with compelling, tailored, data-driven analyses to support strategic and transactional objectives.

Our clients range from large public companies to venture-capital-backed startups and include their private equity and venture capital investors.

We have completed over 500 engagements providing strategic and transaction advisory support to our clients totaling over $30 billion in market value.

If you face any of the following situations, our team can help you to navigate the best path forward.

Challenges We Help Solve

  • Assessing product and market opportunities
  • Launching new products
  • Developing new and existing therapies
  • Reigniting stalled growth
  • Creating dynamic decision tools to support strategic objectives
  • Developing credible forecasts for decision and transaction support
  • Developing defensible valuation portrayals for complex situations
  • Defending analyses with key stakeholders and counterparties
  • Responding at deal speed to changes in the negotiation process

Contact us to explore how we may be able to help you reach your objectives faster and with more confidence.